Sunday, 23 March 2014

March 2014

We have just finished the six nations.
We could have made history by being the first team in history to win three championships in a row, as it turns out, we finished 3rd, deservedly so.
Both England and Ireland played a better game, and like the southern hemisphere, they have figured out the best way to cope with and beat Warrenball.
Third place is disappointing, we have the players and a good coach. I want to see the team play with "plan B" in mind, it had been talked about for years and Gatland needs to pull something out of the bag. When Warrenball  is used effectively then it is a winning game plan. When it doesnt work, Gatland needs something else.
I think the team needs a minor adjustment. Most notable at 9 and 10. Preistland was so good in 2011 but he has only shown glimpses of that form, since 2012.
Why Hook isnt included more is bizzare, he is rarely used.
There is talk of a probables versus possibles game to help choose a team for the South African, summer tour. Hopefully this will show Gatland where everyone is.
Some uncapped players that interest me would be Owen Williams and Jordan Williams. Give these boys a go.

Walesonline  have chosen their two teams:

Warren Gatland's probables v possibles: We pick the two teams we'd like to see in trial match before South Africa

On the whole their choices are ok but other names that should be included are:

Rhys Patchell, Lee Byrne, Jordan Williams, Hallam Amos, Ken Owens and Samson Lee, to name a few.

I would like to see a change in gameplan, our backs are so talented, they need to play the game with ball in hand, run at the opposition, stop kicking the ball away, or at least have a better kick chase. Defending teams used to have the upper hand at the breakdown but roles are reversed now. The attacking team is now given more favour by the referee.
So stop kicking the ball to fullbacks, i either want to dee the ball going out or our player competing for it in the air.
Also, give the ball to our backs and have them terrorize the opposition, noone wants to have North or Roberts running down their channel.
Cuthbert is also great at running great lines and breaking tackles, let him run with ball, dont get him to pass to fullback or 10 so they can kick the ball to the opposition 15, who will run it back 20-30 yards at us.

South Africa is going to be a struggle and if we win one game then that will more than make up for a rubbish six nations campaign.
Can we do it? Anything is possible with our talent.

Injuries will force Gatlands hand:
Without key players Hibbard, Warbuton and Halfpenny.
I feel it is a blessing in disguise, freshen the team up and let someone else show what they can do.
Ken Owens will do well, as will Tipuric.
At 15 i think Gats will go with Liam Williams but Byne will be needed for experience against one of the best teams in the world. I want to see Jordan Williams used at 15 or 14, Cuthbert hasnt shone and Williams will add something that we are missing, something that another Williams used to provide...

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