Sunday, 23 March 2014

The reemergence of a rugby super power

So the 90s were a dark age for Welsh rugby and one best left at the back of the shelf. Granted, we had some great players and some amazing victories, but on the whole it was a period of shame.

1999 was a year that, i believe, saw something stirring.  That victory over England by one point. Scott Gibbs try and Neil Jenkins boot. It was the final game we played at Wembley and a rousing performance by the Stereophonics of a song that has become a favourite amongst Welsh fans for one day of the year:

This was the year that saw Wales host the world cup and gave the pupils of my school a day to remember, being given the day off to watch the opening ceremony, we had big screens set up in the school but i wasnt going to stick around, we watched it round my friends house.

It was a slow, stuttering start that saw us put in a decent performance in the 2003 world cup and win the 2005 grandslam but also saw us lose to Italy in the six nations and get dumped out of the 2007 world cup by Fiji in the group stages.

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